Here you find instructions how to use the Amarino toolkit to connect Android phones to Arduinos.

If you are interested of how to connect Arduinos with Android phones via Bluetooth, use the Amarino toolkit, or even how to build you own toolkit, you should check out my new eBook which gets you everything you need to know about Amarino and much more.

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Amarino basically consists of three main parts (two mandatory and one optional):

  • Android application called "Amarino"
  • Arduino library called "MeetAndroid"
  • Amarino Plug-In Bundle (optional)

If you want to work with Amarino you need at least:

IMPORTANT!!! Please set your Bluetooth module to 57600 or 115200 baud (using Putty, Arduino Serial Monitor or other Terminal programs). You have to try which baud rate works. Some modules work better with 57600 (older ones) others only work with 115200 baud. So if you get connection but no data sent, try to change the baud rate.

We designed the toolkit so that it is easy for you to start without Android programming knowledge at all, however you should invest some time to become familiar with Arduino. There are tons of Arduino tutorials out there which will help you to quickly get first results.

Once your Arduino environment is set up and you managed to do your first steps with it, you can start to install the toolkit.

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